Resident Astro Girl Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly Horoscope!


You may unleash your inner emo this weekend, preferring to stay at home. Even the fiercest warriors need to rest sometimes.


Busy Mercury whips through your fun sector, encouraging you to get out and about and socialise more. A curious attitude may solve some long standing financial worries.


The Midas touch is yours when it comes to your cash flow this week. Rather than spending, save up some moolah or pay off any lingering credit cards or bills.


A link with dreamy Neptune this week highlights the need to take it easy. Take a mental health day if you feel the need and allow inspiration to trump productivity.


With so many opportunities on the horizon, you may feel overstretched or worn out a bit this week. It’s not necessary to say YAAS to everything!


Changes you may be considering financially may seem drastic or different, but the sky suggests they will be surprisingly supportive.


Peer pressure is possible this week as expectations from others don’t suit your own agenda. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is say no.


An inspired link between Venus and Neptune can prompt new emotional possibilities. Love and friendships may blossom from somewhere foreign or far away.


A clash of ideas around money may emerge this week, prompting the need for you to make some adjustments. It may be a case of having to agree to disagree.


One of astrology’s most romantic aspects lights up your relationship zone this week. Even if you’re single, you can tap into the dreamy vibe with some TLC.


Inspired ideas can help you financially. As Mercury prepares to retrograde, you’ll be reminded that you can’t reap and sew in the same season. Good things take time.


Your ruling planet links with romantic Venus this week. Inject some extra care, love and nurturing into all that you do and it will be repaid threefold.