Our resident Astro Girl, Cassandra Tyndall has your weekly horoscope!

What’s in store for your sign this week?

The area of life associated with children, creativity and romance is under the spell of a special alignment this week, setting the scene for future possibilities.

Fun, creativity and romance may stall this week as trickster Mercury heads retrograde. Allow extra room for confusion or crossed wires.

Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde this week. Delays on the domestic front are possible but also hold the promise for a better outcome down the track.

A rare alignment in your cash flow zone brings the promise of increase in your wallet. Future financial possibilities look promising but don’t get lazy in the meantime.

Huge potential this week that can catapult you into a future direction. The path of authenticity isn’t always the easiest, but it’s by far the most valuable.

Reflecting on what is meaningful or true to you is highlighted this week as your ruler retrogrades. If things don’t ring true for you anymore, then you need to switch things up.

A push/pull energy may leave you feeling torn this week as your ruler faces off with powerful Pluto. You may need to be honest with the way things are, not how you hoped they’d be.

Huge possibilities in your career and public life are highlighted this week as the Sun aligns with the karmic North Node. Choices made can propel you towards a bright new future.

Job hunting or career progression may stall as Mercury heads backwards through the sky. What is delayed can disappoint, but will allow for a better option down the track.

Financial breakthroughs or even a windfall is possible as a rare alignment triggers your money zone. Debts, loans and savings are especially highlighted.

Potential and promise is suggested as a rare alignment in your love zone brings the hope of relationship bliss. Issues of truth and trust are highlighted.

Crossed wires and miscommunication could put a spanner in the works with your special someone. A tender loving response will help ease any friction between you.