The Thinkergirls are Stacey June and Kristie Mercer and they talk all the things chicks are thinking but not saying weekly on Thinkergirl: The Podcast!

This week we’re joined by guest-host Ricki-Lee for a special episode based around the sensitive topic of Addiction. She opens up to the Thinkergirls about addiction in her life and the hearbreaking story that inspired her new single Not Too Late. Kristie also speaks of her alcohol addiction and Stace speaks of what it’s like to be the daughter of addiction. It’s pretty incredible stuff.

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Stacey June and Kristie Mercer are The Thinkergirls — who talk all the thoughts you’re thinking but not saying. You can find the girls on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. You can listen to the girls on their podcasts or around the country on the national radio show on the KIIS network.

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