On episode two of our 2017 Summer Sessions, we throw back to a really honest and heartfelt conversation with Samantha Jade, just a few weeks after the Manchester Bombing. Samantha gave us a performer’s perspective on how an event like that affects both performers and audience, and really gave us an insight as to what Ariana Grande must have gone through.

“Anyone who’s targeting anyone in a bad way – it’s terrible. Kids though, it’s just… I don’t have words for anyone who wants to hurt children.” (09:46 – 09:59)

Stace has always been a pop fan, and as a kid was always going to pop concerts with her mum so this tragedy really hit home for her. Stace felt so much joy at concerts as a child that she can’t imagine the sadness that would follow an event like the Manchester Bombing. Samantha agrees, as she’s been both a member of the audience, and now also the performer on stage…

“I’ve also been someone in the audience, and now I’m the person on the stage, so from both ends I get it. But, I think … obviously as a performer your job is to entertain, and to take people away for that hour, or half an hour, or however long the show is. That’s all you have to do. You get to do what you love, but ultimately you just want that little kid or that person to not stress and to forget about any difficulties or worries they’ve got going on. I think that, for Ariana – I mean imagine doing the show and giving and you feel so great afterwards, and that happening. And it happened at your show, so that’s always going to be around her name, whether she likes it or not now. It’s crazy – I can’t understand what she’d be feeling. It’s just the worst anxiety and stress.” (11:00 – 11:55)

“As someone in the audience – I remember going to concerts with my mum, and her taking me and waiting for her outside, and I just think for the parents seeing that how do you ever enjoy music again?” (12:05 – 12:16)

On the radio show following the attack, Stace and Kristie spoke to parents who have chosen to take a stand. They won’t deny their kids the happiness that concerts bring, but for Ariana it would have been very hard to continue to perform and bring that happiness to kids all over the world, after such a heartbreaking attack.

“It’d be hard to get your headspace right again, to actually perform again. That would be on your mind the whole time.” (13:55 – 14:03)

Samantha finished off our chat with a really inspiring idea… Music brings happiness, and as a performer how can you deny that happiness to your audience? We have to stand strong and continue to share the magic, no matter what happens.

“It sounds cheesy, but there is something that music brings that nothing else can. You can’t not give that to people. You’re in a room and you hear someone sing with a guitar… it’s magic. You can’t get that from somewhere else, so we can’t go “well we’re not going to do that anymore”. You’ve got to soldier on.” (14:18 – 14:40)

Listen to the full conversation with Samantha Jade on Thinkergirl: The Podcast Summer Sessions Episode 2 (09:19):

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