The Thinkergirls’ Stacey June recently announced to the world that Ben Jenkins – her newly found love –  asked her to marry him! She said yes. It wasn’t an easy road which Stace shares on the first episode of The Thinkergirls Pod Channel but the night was magic “I like good cheese, I like oysters, I like good champagne and we had all of that…Ben was incredibly loved up and it was twenty to 12 and he said some special words and asked me in whatever way I wanted to do it – would I marry him? I said yes!”.

Stace had question numerous times across the time she was single whether marriage was for her. (Listen to the oldie podcasts on that here and here) She even went to such lengths as to write up all the traditions that freaked her out about marriage here!

But low and behold on New Years Eve in front of her two best mates, Ben asked the question and she has let us crack into her private album of the night. Enjoy the pics and for the full story download the podcast at all these spots:

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