On EP 04: of The Thinkergirls Pod Channel, Stacey June and Kristie Mercer creators of some of the most successful female podcasts and content in Australia chat pop culture and news, Thinkergirl style. Kristie breaks down Valentines Day for us and Stace unravels the Sarah Jessica Parker / Kim Cattral Fued!

Kristie reckons you care way more about Valentines Day when you’re single (01:39).  Stace and Kristie ask why the hell are we spending so much money on a holiday?! (04:45) Stace wonders what V Day has in store for her and Ben (07:00). Kristie shares the actual history behind Valentines Day and it legit includes goat sacrifices WTF (07:50). Is V Day the holiday that’s cashing in on the shit-ness of relationships?! (10:05) Stace shares the backstory behind the SJP/Kim Cattral fued (15:17). Stace sensed the tension between the stars way back in the first and second Sex and the City movies (16:57). It’s rumoured SJP exluded Kim from group events back in the SATC TV days (20:17). We share Sarah Jessica Parker’s response to Kim Cattral’s Insta meme attack (21:41). Kim fights back and denies the diva rumours surrounding her (23:17). Stace shares her opinion on both sides of the argument (26:30).


Check out the SJP Interview with Andy Cohen here and Kim Cattrall’s insta post here.


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