On EP05: The Thinkergirls Stacey June and Kristie Mercer creators of some of the most successful female podcasts and content in Australia, catch up for their weekly chinwag and chat deleting an ex from social media and ‘cool’ parents (LOL.)

Kristie saw an article on The Huffington Post by Jessinta Colehelo (3:14) about whether you delete your ex from social media that you can read here and it rang true to her post-breakup life over the past 6 months. Kristie shares the best piece of breakup advice she’s ever received (6:20) how social media tricks us into thinking we know what’s going on in people’s lives (11:30) and reveals just how many times she’s stalked her ex’s socials even after deleting him. Stace points out how when you feel your worst you’re agitated and scrolling on your phone more (17:25) and swoons over her new JT obsession since his Super Bowl performance / new album (19:18) that was featured in last week’s TG FROTHS where Stace & Kristie share music/books/telly they’re loving RN. Stace has been looking around her to find examples of people that remain their adult selves even after becoming a parent (19:55) and Kristie asks whether you change as a person at your core when you have kids (21:04) Why do we always refer to ‘Mum stuff’ as daggy or uncool when it’s incredibly damaging to the way we view motherhood (22:40) and asks everyone to share the biggest fear they had before becoming a parent (22:40) You can share yours on FB here

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