This week on The Thinkergirls Pod Channel, bestselling author Melissa Ambrosini chats ALL things relationships – can you find a deep soul connection in a casual relationship? How do you not loose yourself in a relationship? And what ‘polarity’ means and why we need to find it in our relationships.

Polarity being the balance between both the masculine and feminine, the yin and the yang. It doesn’t mean male or female – all people regardless of gender embody both types of energy.

According to Melissa “for a long time, our society has been dominated by a more go-go-go masculine energy” and we spend a lot more time in that mode than in our softer, more feminine energy.

SO. How do we get back into our fem then? Melissa practically broke things down with some suggested rituals to find better balance in yourself…

*Go for a swim in the ocean


*A Yin yoga class


*Get a massage / ask your partner to massage you

*Get a facial or give one to yourself at home

*Have a bath with epsom salts and essential oils

*Getting into nature – soft energy – hikes

*Have a shower & rub coconut oil and essential oils all over your body

*Get out of activewear and into a dress

*Walk around the block barefoot

The most important thing about all of these actions is to think about what you’re doing as you do them. It’s less about the action itself than it is your headspace whilst you’re doing it! (Tony Robbin’s calls them a pattern break.)

Hear more on this via The Thinkergirls Pod Channel…

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